Kaze Do 4th Edition

Anyone with the Kaze-Do Emphasis can consider themselves unarmed while wielding a bo staff as well as using a bo staff with these techniques. In addition you can make unarmed attacks while holding a bo staff in your hands (off hand punches and kicks).

Novice Kaze-Do
Requirements: Jiujitsu 1, Kaze-Do Emphasis
Cost: 9 (-3 for Dragon, -3 for Monks, -1 for Hands of Stone)
If you are unarmed and have not attacked for the current round you may add your Jujitsu skill to your TN to be hit. In addition if you make an unarmed attack upon someone who attacked you in the last round, add your Jujitsu skill to the attack roll.

Novice Kaze-do (Air Dances Over Seas)
Requires: Jiujitsu 1 Rank, Kaze-do emphasis,
Cost: 8 CP (-2 for Dragon, -4 for Monk or -2 for Bushi)
While unarmed and unarmored, you add half your Jiujitsu Skill Rank to your TN to be Hit.

Requirements: Jiujitsu 3, Kaze-Do Emphasis
Cost: 18 (-6 for Dragon, -6 for Monks, -2 for Hands of Stone)
If you attack an opponent who attacked you while on Full Defense in the previous combat round, you may roll extra dice equal to your opponent’s Strength on unarmed damage rolls. Roll an additional 2 die on all contested unarmed attack rolls.

Intermediate Kaze-do (Splitting Wood Strike)
Requires Rank 3 Jiujitsu, Kaze-do emphasis, Novice Kaze-do
Cost: 9 CP
You may add your Jiujitsu Skill Rank to your unarmed damage rolls.

Requirements: Jiujitsu 5, Kaze-Do Emphasis
Cost: 27 (-9 for Dragon, -9 for Monks, -3 for Hands of Stone)
Upon sucessfully striking an Opponent with an unarmed attack you may give up any number of Damage dice, both rolled and kept, to gain an equal number of dice on a grapple attack within the next round. Bonus applies to attack and opposed rolls. You gain a +5 bonus to your TN to be hit against armed opponents.

Advanced Kaze-do (Water Washes around Stone)
Requires Rank 4 Jiujitsu, Kaze-do emphasis, Intermediate Kaze-do
Cost: 10 CP
Your unarmed attacks may ignore up to 10 points of your opponents TN to be Hit Bonus from armor, if they are prone.

Requirements: Jiujitsu 7, Kaze-Do Emphasis
Cost: 36 (-12 for Dragon, -12 for Monks, -4 for Hands of Stone)
On your turn you may choose to grant an opponent a +10 to all attack rolls against you until your next turn. If this opponent attacks you and you survive, you may immediately gain an unarmed attack against them. You roll and keep 2 extra die on damage rolls when in a grapple.

Expert Kaze-do (All-Beneath-Heaven-Kneels)
Requires Rank 5 Jiujitsu, Kaze-do emphasis, Advanced Kaze-do
Cost: 11 CP
You may spend a Void Point to declare raises after your successful attack roll, if you are wielding a bo staff or you are attacking unarmed. These raises may only be used for the Knockdown or Takedown maneuvers. You may add your Jiujitsu Skill Rank to your attack roll for the purposes of determining whether your Knockdown or Takedown maneuver is successful.

Requirements: Jiujitsu 9, Kaze-Do Emphasis
Cost: 45 (-15 for Dragon, -15 for Monks, -5 for Hands of Stone)
At the begining of combat select one opponent. The first time he attacks succesfully attacks you, you may make a Reflex roll TN equal to the wounds dealt. If this is succeful you take no damage. If you attack the opponent first, this benefit is lost. You also gain a free raise on all opposed strength rolls in a grapple and once per round, if an opponent attempts to escape a grapple you may immediately make a free attack against them.

Master Kaze-do (Thunder Shakes the Mountain)
Requires Rank 7 Jiujitsu, Kaze-do emphasis, Expert Kaze-do
Cost: 12 CP
When you use the Takedown variant of the Knockdown maneuver while wielding a bo staff or attacking unarmed, you may make an additional Called Shot raise to do damage as normal. (Normally, you cannot do damage with the Takedown variant maneuver.)

Kaze Do 4th Edition

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