Important NPC's

Okiku I – Somewhat serious, quiet girl. Practically a mute for awhile there. Now Empress of Rokugan.

Hida Benisato – Tsuya’s husband, Berserker who was possessed by a Shamesword. Deceased.
Hida Bentei – Tsuya’s child is still only a few years old.
Hida Daiku – One of the younger bushi working on the wall. Very talented but a terrible strategist. Tsuya’s friend.
Hida Gohen – A strategist who works to help shore up the defenses of the wall. Tsuya’s father-in-law.
Hida Oroki – A berserker who serves on the Wall. Served with Tsuya until her reassignment to Okiku.
Kuni Daigo – Jade Champion. A hardliner who seeks to stamp out the Taint wherever he can.
Toritaka Chiaki – A large but gentle bushi who speaks softly. Knowledgeable about spirits. Tsuya’s mother.
Toritaka Harushi – One of the most talented bushi amongst the Toritaka. Tsuya’s father. Hunts grave robbers.
Toritaka Mai – An energetic young girl who loves dogs. Tsuya’s adopted sister.
Yasuki Ryobe – A 28 year old Smuggler. He has the hots for Leela but no idea how to approach it.

Asahina Jigai – Crane clan trainer at Kitsuki household, teaches dueling technique and the Tao.
Doji Juroshi – A Crane diplomat who seems to have no real agenda in the courts beyond position.
Doji Tatsume – A Kakita Artisan who has the hots for Yuya.

Hitomi Hotaro – Somewhat malevolent tattooed man. Close to Kitsuki Iyami.
Kitsuki Ryoji – The new Daimyo of the Kitsuki family. Studious, shrewd and clever.
Kitsuki Ryoko – Vicious Phoenix warrior who fought in Dragon-Phoenix War.
Kitsuki Sayuri – Energetic, fun loving and vicious. Body double for the Empress. Has gotten much quieter since serving Okiku.
Kitsuki Toma – A Magistrate who keeps his eyes on the court as a favor to the Kitsuki family.
Mirumoto Goro – Yojimbo to Kitsuki Toma. A quiet and softspoken warrior.

Ikoma Fushi – An Omodaisu who has worked to help Yuya retain her position in the courts.

Arjuna Singh – Mantis clan captain. Captain of the Shadowed Storms. The silent but passionate type.
Yoritomo Balaji – A bushi who works with the Mantis clan armies. Leela’s older sister.
Yoritomo Hachi – Mantis clan sailor. A pirate, sometimes smuggler, who has a bit of a crush on Tamiyo.
Yoritomo Hayato – A sailor aboard the Dark Mysteries with a great relationship with his family. Leela’s father.
Yoritomo Nisha – From the Ivory Kingdoms. Worked as an alchemist. Stay at home mother of Leela.
Yoritomo Shuji – Works on his fathers ship as a pirate and Yojimbo to his sister, Leela.
Yoritomo Singh – Father of Arjuna and loyal vassal of the Mantis. Provides a great deal of info on the Ivory Kingdoms.
Yoritomo Hachi – who does a lot of work on mainland Rokugan.

Shiba Kaji – Master of the Void. Ryoko’s son whom Iyami encouraged to explore the Tao. Somewhat humorless but a caring individual. Married to Tamiyo.
Shiba Ryoko – Yojimbo who owes a life debt to Iyami’s father.

Bayushi Jun – Sua’s twin brother. A shrewd businessman who also serves as Yuya’s aide.
Bayushi Sua – A courtier and dancer who serves as Yuya’s aide. Trained as a seductress.
The Guardian – A quasi-sentient force inside of Nyoko who can be inserted into another shadow spawn.
Ninube Sae – Ninube seductress who is quite skilled with her blades. Sentient.
Ninube Taki – Scorpion ex-lover and True Love of Kitsuki Iyami. Married to Ninube Nyoko.
Shosuro Jimen – The Emerald Champion. Not exactly a loyal servant of the Empire but useful.
Shosuro Samaya (Maya) – Actress who lives in Iyami’s house as a servant to protect her family.

Daigotsu Amika – The main courtier to the Unicorn clan. Works closely with them to help Yuya.
Daigotsu Gohei – Lion who joined the Spider. Yuya’s father died to regain his honor after punishment.
Daigotsu Makoto – A young bushi who hopes to prove his loyalty to Daigotsu and be Tainted. Yuya’s brother.
Daigotsu Sukune – A Tainted Samurai who has been trained to conceal it. Yuya’s Yojimbo and husband.
Daigotsu Yuka – Having recovered from her illness, this assassin takes care of her daughter, Yuya.
Daigotsu Yuria – Trained as an assassin. Dislikes her sister, Yuya, but protects her.

Ide Jong – This courtier is a heavyset and jolly middle aged man.
Shinjo Uatsu – The Shogun. A fierce man who gives off an air of danger. Very loyal to Okiku.

Minor Clans
Usagi Aiko – Talented warrior with both her katana and her bare hands. Daughter to Nyoko.
Usagi Harumi – Skilled hunter and archer. Gets along well with Naga. Daughter to Nyoko.
Usagi Kuja – Skilled wood carver. Mediocre Bushi. Fairly good hunter and archer. Nyoko’s ex-husband.
Usagi Mako – Nyoko’s grandfather is a Bushi with a good sense of humor. Deceased.
Usagi Okara – Shugenja / Lorekeeper. Quiet but powerful. Nyoko’s mother.
Usagi Riko – Veteran of war against Iuchiban. Nyoko’s father. Deceased.
Ujina Shogi – Trained as an assassin. A bastard son conceived the night before Nyoko’s father died.
Usagi Tamai: Lion magistrate turned Hare with a harsh demeanor. Nyoko’s grandmother. Deceased.
Ch’trr – A Ratling who has a healthy relationship with Tsuya. Enjoys working alongside her.

Atsuko – A sympathetic Ronin who works with the Spider. Loathes the Crane.
Hikaru – Lion Ronin. Stern. Deceased.
Joji – Born Ronin. Forgiving and friendly. Married to Nami, raising her to samurai status.

Ahmi – Geisha servant who works for both Yuya and Makoto.
Iji – Pretty but shy back-up dancer who helps take care of Nyoko’s children after her disappearance.
Nami – Bubbly childhood friend of Iyami. Has a child with her husband, Joji.
Oji – Widowed eta who happily serves Usagi Nyoko’s family.
Tama – Fellow dancer of Nyoko. Pretty Odori dancer who married Kuja.

Important NPC's

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