Tanjun no Boei

Agasha Kitsuki’s Wakizashi

weapon (melee)

Damage: 2k2
Weapon Type: Wakizashi
Notes: So long as the owner is within 10 feet of the weapon the sword will alert them to any humans who come within 10 feet. Ethereal creatures that become physical will trigger this warning.


The wakizashi carried by Agasha Kitsuki was never renowned for any great ability. Instead, it was honored for its master and treated with the same respect the Dragon gave all ancestral items. It was not until two generations after Kitsuki’s untimely death that anyone realized the blade carried magical properties of its own. Kitsuki Otemon, a cousin of the Kitsuki daimyo, was charged with the blade’s care. One evening as he was cleaning its stand, he became suddenly aware of two ninja dangling above him. Without a second thought, he took up the sword and struck down his would-be-assailants, When Otemon recounted his tale to the castle’s chief shugenja it was found that the formerly powerless artifact had become awakened as nemuranai. Ever since, the simple blade of Agasha Kitsuki has been gifted to the most talented Kitsuki investigator of each generation.

Tanjun no Boei

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