Yoritomo Leela

A young half-gaijin Shugenja must help the Mantis discover the secrets of the Destroyers.


Clan: Mantis
School: Yoritomo Shugenja 2
Insight: 150

Earth: 2
Water: 3
Fire: 2
Air: 2
Void: 3

Attack: 5k3 – Menhori-Gata
Damage: 3k1 – Menhori-Gata
TN to be Hit: 10
Initiative: 3

Glory: 1.0
Honor: 1.5
Status: 1.0
Advantages: Languages (Invidi), Magic Resistance (4)
Disadvantages: Gaijin Name
Heritage: Ally through Marriage – Yasuki Ryobe, Crab Smuggler

Athletics: 4 (Swimming)
Calligraphy: 2 (Mantis Cipher)
Lore – Sailing: 2
Spellcraft: 4
Theology: 2
War Fans: 3
Sculpting: 2
Knives: 2
Game – Fortunes & Winds: 2
Game – Shogi: 1
Medicine: 2
Meditation: 2
Tea Ceremony: 2


Father: Yoritomo Hayato – A sailor aboard the Dark Mysteries with a great relationship with his family.
Mother: Yoritomo Nisha – From the Ivory Kingdoms, she worked as an alchemist. Stays at home.
Older Sister: Yoritomo Balaji – A bushi who works with the Mantis clan armies.
Younger Brother: Yoritomo Shuji – Works on his fathers ship as a pirate and Yojimbo to Leela.

Ally: Yasuki Ryobe – A 28 year old Crab Clan smuggler. He has the hots for Leela but no idea how to approach it.
Yoritomo Hachi – A pirate, sometimes smuggler, who does a lot of work on mainland Rokugan.
Yoritomo Masohko – Captain of the Crimson Lotus. Older, strict man with a quiet sense of humor.
Moshi Saya – First mate of the Crimson Lotus. Assigned to help Leela when they reach the trade outpost.
Arjuna Singh – Another captain that Leela is friends with. Goes out of her way to help the young one.

Yoritomo Leela

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