Okiku Tsuya

This Crab is a walking shield for the Divine Empress.


Clan: Crab / Imperial
School: Hida Bushi 2
Insight: 150

Earth: 3
Water: 3
Fire: 2
  Agility: 3
Air: 2
Void: 2

Attack: 7k4+3 – Masterwork Ono
Damage: 5k5+3 – Masterwork Ono
TN to be Hit: 10/13 (20/23 with Heavy armor)
Initiative: 3
Wounds: +0/24, +5/6, +10/6, +30/6, Out/30

Glory: 3.4
Honor: 2.2
Status: 6.0
Advantages: Strength of the Earth (4)
Disadvantages: Bitter Betrothal

Battle: 2 (Shadowlands)
Defense: 3
Heavy Weapons: 4
Jijutsu: 2
Kenjutsu: 2
Kyujutsu: 1
Lore – Shadowlands: 4
Animal Handling: 3 (Dogs)
Storytelling: 2
Lore – Ghosts: 2
Pole Arms: 1
Etiquette: 2
Courtier: 1
Lore – Heraldry: 1
Mastery Abilities
Animal Handling – Can tame a common domesticated animal. TN = 20.
Defense – Add Defense rank to TN to be hit except when incapacitated, full attack or unaware.

Way of the Crab – Add your Earth ring to the total of all melee attack and damage rolls. Ignore TN penalties for wearing heavy armor for all skills except stealth.
The Mountain Does Not Move – You may spend a void point to make a raw Earth roll vs. TN equal to the number of wounds you’ve suffered before wounds are inflicted. Success means you suffer no wounds from the injury. Earth is increased by school rank when resisting knock down.

Strength of the Earth (4) – Reduce all wound penalties by 10


Mother: Toritaka Chiaki – A large but gentle bushi who speaks softly. Knowledgeable about spirits.
Father: Toritaka Harushi – One of the most talented bushi amongst the Toritaka. Hunts bandits.
Adopted Sister – Toritaka Mai – An energetic young girl who loves dogs.
Husband: Hida Benisato – Berserker who was possessed by a Shamesword. Deceased.
Son: Hida Bentei – Only a few years old but he’s still a quiet child.
Father-in-law: Hida Gohen – A strategist who works to help shore up the defenses of the wall.

Okiku I – Tsuya’s best friend and ward, Okiku has blessed Tsuya with her name.
Kitsuki Sayuri – Sayuri has begun to act as a body double for the Empress. Her and Tsuya have a decent relationship.
Hida Oroki – A berserker who serves on the Wall. Served with Tsuya until her reassignment to Okiku.
Hida Daiku – One of the younger bushi working on the wall. Very talented but a terrible strategist.
Ch’trr – A Ratling who has a healthy relationship with Tsuya. Enjoys working alongside her.

Okiku Tsuya

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