Ninube Nyoko

Matron of the newly accepted Scorpion family, the Ninube. Mistress of the Shadow Spawn.


Clan: Hare / Ninube / Scorpion
School: Usagi Bushi 4 / Ninube Shugenja 4
Insight: 210

Earth: 3
Water: 3
Fire: 3
Air: 4
Void: 3

Attack: 8k3 – Katana
Damage: 6k3 – Katana
TN to be Hit: 20/25 (25/30 with light armor)
Initiative: 8

Glory: 4.2
Honor: 2.3
Status: 5.1
Advantages: Absolute Direction, Fleet (1), Servant – Male Eta
Disadvantages: Epilepsy
Heritage: Grandparent married to Lion Magistrate, Father fought against Iuchiban

Ninube Affinities: Affinity Air, Deficiency Fire
Ninube Techniques: N/A

Athletics: 5 (Running)
Calligraphy: 2
Defense: 5
Etiquette: 2
Kenjutsu: 4 (Katana)
Jiujutsu: 5
Hunting: 2
Investigation: 2
Lore – Kolat: 2
Lore – Lying Darkness: 4
Lore – Shadowlands: 3
Medicine: 3
Meditation: 2
Performance: 4 (Mai, Odori)
Spellcraft: 3 (Maho)
Staves: 3
Stealth: 3
Tea Ceremony: 2


Grandfather: Usagi Mako – Bushi with a good sense of humor.
Grandmother: Matsu-Usagi Tamai: Imperial magistrate with a harsh demeanor.
Father: Usagi Riko – Veteran of war against Iuchiban.
Mother: Usagi Okara – Shugenja (Ronin) / Lorekeeper. Quiet but powerful.
Illegitimate Brother: Ujina Shogi – Trained as an assassin. Conceived night before father died.
Ex-Husband: Usagi Kuja – Skilled wood carver. Mediocre Bushi. Fairly good hunter and archer.
Older Daughter: Usagi Harumi – Skilled hunter and archer. Gets along well with Naga.
Younger Daughter: Usagi Aiko – Talented warrior with both her katana and her bare hands.

Eta servant: Oji – Widowed eta who happily serves Nyoko’s family.
Tama – Fellow dancer. Pretty Odori dancer who married Kuja.
Iji – Pretty but shy back-up dancer who helps take care of the children.

Ninube Sae – Ninube seductress who is quite skilled with her blades.
The Guardian – A force inside of Nyoko who can be inserted into another shadow spawn.

Ninube Nyoko

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