Kitsuki Tamiyo

Ise Zumi of the Dragon Clan. Sister to the Kitsuki family Daimyo and the new Empress.


Clan: Kitsuki Tamiyo
School: Togashi Tattooed Monk 1
Insight: 1
Title: Voice of the Empress

Earth: 2
Water: 2
  Strength: 3
Fire: 3
Air: 2
  Reflexes: 3
Void: 3 / +2 points per day (Keeper of Fire bonus)

Attack: 6k3/9k3 – Jiujutsu // 6k3/9k3 – Sainika (Keeper of Fire bonus)
Damage: 4k1 – Jiujutsu // 3k1+3
TN to be Hit: 10/14 (17 if using Sainika in Full Defense)
Initiative: 3
Attacks per Round: 2 (Keeper of Fire bonus)

Glory: 6.0
Honor: 1.5
Status: 9.5
Ancestor: Togashi
Advantages: Clear Thinker (4)
Disadvantages: Soft Hearted (2)
Tattoos: Cat, Eagle, Fire Dragon, Water Dragon Spirit (See below)
Kiho: Flame Fist

Artisan – Gardening: 1
Jiujutsu: 3
Meditation: 2 (Void Recovery)
Theology: 3
Defense: 4
Medicine: 2
Investigation: 2
Staves: 2
Kenjutsu: 1
Artisan – Tatooing: 3
Hand-to-Hand (Sainika): 3
Lore – Ivory Kingdom: 1
Mastery Abilities
Defense – Add Defense rank to TN to be hit except when incapacitated, full attack or unaware.
Jijutsu – Roll +1 dice in unarmed combat
Novice Martial Arts – When using standard attack posture add your ranks in HtH to the total of
  all unarmed damage rolls. When using full defense posture you add your ranks in HtH to your TN to be hit.

Fire Dragon
Water Dragon Spirit

Flame Fist


Mother: Kitsuki Iyami – Retired Daimyo of the Kitsuki family.
Father: Unknown
Older Sister: Okiku I – The new Empress of Rokugan. Quiet but forceful and demanding.
Older Brother: Kitsuki Ryoji – The new Daimyo of the Kitsuki family. Shrewd and clever.
Older Sister: Kitsuki Sayuri – Body double for the Empress. Has gotten much quieter since serving Okiku.
Husband-to-be: Shiba Kaji – Elemental Master of the Void. Somewhat humorless but a caring individual.

Yoritomo Hachi – Mantis clan sailor. Loves the sea and has a bit of a crush on Tamiyo.
Arjuna Singh – Mantis clan captain. Captain of the Shadowed Storms. The silent but passionate type.
Yoritomo Singh – Father of Arjuna and loyal vassal of the Mantis. Provides a great deal of info on the Ivory Kingdoms.

Kitsuki Tamiyo

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