Kitsuki Iyami

The newly placed daimyo of the Kitsuki family, Iyami is a highly trained magistrate.


Clan: Dragon
School: Kitsuki Courtier, 4
Insight: 210

Earth: 3
  Willpower: 4
Water: 2
  Perception: 5
Fire: 3
  Intelligence: 4
Air: 3
Void: 2

Attack: 6k3
Damage: 4k2 (Tanjun no Boei – Agasha Kitsuki’s Wakizashi)
TN to be Hit: 15 (20 with light armor)
Initiative: 7

Glory: 6.5
Honor: 4.1
Status: 7.5
Ancestor: Agasha Kitsuki
Disadvantages: Bad Fortune, Small

Defense: 2
Etiquette: 4
Kenjutsu: 3
Investigation: 5 (Notice, Search)
Law: 5
Medicine: 2
Athletics: 2
Calligraphy: 4 (Dragon Cipher)
Horsemanship: 3
Instruction: 4
Theology: 2
Commerce: 2


Adopted Father: Joji – Ronin. Forgiving and friendly.
Adopted Uncle: Hikaru – Lion Ronin. Stern. Deceased.
Adopted Brother: Hitomi Hotaro – Somewhat malevolent tattooed man.
Adopted Sister: Nami – Bubbly childhood friend. Peasant.
Husband: Shiba-Kitsuki Ryoko – Vicious warrior who fought in Dragon-Phoenix War.
Triplets: Kitsuki Okiku, Kitsuki Ryoichi-Ryoji, Kitsuki Sayuri
  Okiku – Somewhat serious, quiet girl. Practically a mute for awhile there.
  Ryoji – Studious, clever and quick witted. Heir to the family.
  Sayuri – Energetic, fun loving and vicious. Acts as a body-double for Okiku.
Daughter: Kitsuki Tamiyo – Ise Zumi with questionable heritage.

Bayushi-Ninube Taki – Scorpion ex-lover. True Love.
Asahina Jigai – Crane clan trainer, teaches Iaijitsu and the Tao.
Shiba Ryoko – Yojimbo who owes a life debt to Iyami’s father.
Shiba Kaji – Ryoko’s son whom Iyami encouraged to explore the Tao. Ishiken.
Shosuro Samaya (Maya) – Actress who lives in Iyami’s house as a servant to protect her family.

Kitsuki Iyami

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