Daigotsu Yuya

A loyal servant of Daigotsu and the Empress, attempting to balance these loyalties is a true test.


Clan: Spider
School: Silken Promises 1 (The Vacant Throne, pg. 52)
Insight: 121

Earth: 2
Water: 2
  Strength: 3
Fire: 2
Air: 2
  Awareness: 3
Void: 2

Attack: 4k2 – Tanto
Damage: 4k1 – Tanto
TN to be Hit: 10 (15 with light armor)
Initiative: 3

Glory: 6.0
Honor: 1.0 / 2.0
Status: 9.0
Advantages: Dangerous Beauty, Perceived Honor (2), Precise Memory

Courtier: 5 (Manipulation)
Deceit: 4 (Seduction, Intimidation)
Etiquette: 3 (Sincerity)
Intimidation: 2
Acting: 2
Knives: 2
Performance: 3 (Song, Koto)
Defense: 2
Lore – History: 2
Lore – Law: 2
Mastery Abilities
Etiquette – The TN of any contested social rolls made against you is increased by 5.

The Silken Smile – Gain a free raise to all Courtier (Manipulation) and Deceit (Seduction) rolls. Gain a bonus equal to your air ring to the total of all social skill rolls.

Dangerous Beauty – Gain two additional rolled dice on every deceit roll made against the opposite sex.


Mother: Daigotsu Yuka – Having recovered from her illness, this assassin takes care of her daughter.
Father: Daigotsu Gohei – Lion who joined the Spider. Died to regain his honor after punishment.
Older Brother: Daigotsu Makoto – A bushi who hopes to prove his loyalty to Daigotsu and be Tainted.
Younger Sister: Daigotsu Yuria – Trained as an assassin. Dislikes her sister but protects her.
Husband: Daigotsu Sukune – A Tainted Samurai who has been trained to conceal it. Yuya’s Yojimbo.

Ahmi – Geisha servant who works for both Yuya and Makoto.
“Aunt” Atsuko – A sympathetic Ronin who works with the Spider. Loathes the Crane.
Ide Jong – This courtier is a heavyset and jolly middle aged man.

Doji Tatsume – A Kakita Artisan who has the hots for Yuya.
Bayushi Sua – A courtier and dancer who serves as Yuya’s aide. Trained as a seductress.
Bayushi Jun – Sua’s twin brother. A shrewd businessman who also serves as Yuya’s aide.
Kitsuki Toma – A Magistrate who keeps his eyes on the court as a favor to the Kitsuki family.
Ikoma Fushi – An Omodaisu who has worked to help Yuya retain her position in the courts.
Doji Juroshi – A Crane diplomat who seems to have no real agenda in the courts beyond position.
Mirumoto Goro – Yojimbo to Kitsuki Toma. A quiet and softspoken warrior.
Daigotsu Amika – The main courtier to the Unicorn clan. Works closely with them to help Yuya.
Shinjo Uatsu – The new Shogun. A fierce man who gives off an air of danger. Very loyal to Okiku.
Shosuro Jimen – The Emerald Champion. Not exactly a loyal servant of the Empire but useful.

Daigotsu Yuya

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