The Path of the Destroyers

Tsuya's Attack

Doom of the Crane

With the Crab having larger than usual Oni attacks, they are pressed to their limit. This is not helped by the fact that Hida Kisada has been found murdered before he could answer accusations of siding with the Shadowlands. To top it all off the Crane have used these accusations to start attacks upon the Crab, looking to “punish them for their crimes” as they claim.

In response the Empress orders them to stand down, an order that is ignored. She then sends an army of the Imperial Legion to attack the home of the Doji in an effort to bring them to heel. While this is going on she orders Tsuya to take another, larger, batch of the Imperial Legion and reinforce the Crab, decisively siding with them.

Taking the army Tsuya, as well as Shosuro Jimen, along with her to enforce the Empress’ will she arrives just in time to see Hida Kuon struck down by Kakita Noritoshi. In a rage she attacks Noritoshi but is almost killed herself, both by the Kakita and his troops who are trying to help. With the aid of Jimen’s secretly poisoned blade the warrior is brought down and subdued although he is acting beyond crazed.

As he is subdued he is struck down a small woman, Doji Domotai. As he dies it appears that a spirit of some sort tears itself out of his body, disappearing into nothingness shortly thereafter. She claims that the Crane Clan has been taken over by someone claiming to be her father, Doji Kurohito. Tsuya takes her legions towards the Crane lands to aid the Imperial Legion there and confront this prospective imposter.



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