The Path of the Destroyers

A New Voyager

A young Mantis sets out on her adventure.

Yoritomo Leela left her home in the Mantis Lands, accompanied by her sister, on a trade expedition to the Ivory Kingdoms. After an exchange of goods they expect to return home. As they’re going the captain of the ship she’s on begins to court her, expressing his interest quite clearly.

Arjuna is on another ship in the trade fleet, enjoying the chance to go home again even if just for a short time.

Little did they expect to be greeted by servants of the Cult of Ruhmal, coming out of the shadows to start stranding the Mantis on their island outpost. They attempt to sink the ships, kidnap the captains and ritually sacrifice them to Kali-Ma. The kidnappings work but Arjuna, Hachi, Leela and her sister attempt to infiltrate the base. The narrow, dangerous waterway is guarded by a powerful water creature, reminiscent of a Jinn, that forces a deal out of Leela – give up her memories of her relationship with the captain in exchange for allowing her to pass. She agrees to this and he allows them to pass. The group slaughters a half dozen cultists outside of the small island home and manage to rescue two out of the three captains.

Having exchanged the memories of her relationship with the captain Leela works to try and remind him of their friendship while also trying to figure out what she wishes to do with herself in the future.



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